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Quality & Certification

Quality & Certification


Mer des Mascareignes is committed to providing all its customers with high quality, legal and safe food products.

Our Quality Management System has been developed based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) principals and in line with internationally recognized food safety standards.

In-process quality control is maintained throughout the factory operations with the contribution of a team of Quality Controllers and Line Inspectors. Temperature control and the strict respect of general hygiene conditions remain our focus at all times.

Food Standard Certifications

(BRC, IFS, EU & FDA Approved)

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the value added processing services we offer our customers. We take full responsibility to ensure our processing plant operates at all times to internationally recognized quality standards and that the products we deliver are confidently safe for human consumption.

Mer des Mascareignes is certified BRC – grade A (Global Standard for Food Safety) and IFS food standard.

Our factory is EU approved since July 2008 by the Competent Authority of Mauritius (DVS/FP10/MU) and also registered with the FDA - U.S Food and Drug Administration (No.10887885394).


Mer des Mascareignes uses a dedicated software to ensure full traceability from catch date to the finished product and your plate.

Through the allocated lot numbers we can track specific quality data, including laboratory test results, production date and location of the products.


Sustainability has become a key word in the fish industry. Mer des Mascareignes strongly believes in the need to ensure the conservation of our ocean resources for future generations and is in favour of all responsible fishing initiatives.

As part of our commitment to sustainability Mer des Mascareignes in association with the Sapmer group is certified “Friend of the Sea”, a member of the “Dolphin Safe” program and also recognised “Responsible Fishing” by Bureau Veritas.

The Sapmer fleet is managed with a strong focus on using the most sustainable methods and best techniques available to successfully fish targeted species with minimum by-catch.

Social Accountability

Mer des Mascareignes is committed to take its responsibilities with regards to the social impact of its operations and the conditions in which its employees, partners and suppliers work.

We are in the implementation phase of SA8000.


Mer des Mascareignes is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on nature and the environment. We comply with all relevant local environmental legislation.