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Code of conduct/Ethics

Code of conduct/Ethics

Code of conduct/Ethics

MDM conducts business ethically and honestly and in a manner that respects individuals, their communities and the environment.

We adhere to the programme: “Empowering Sustainability and Ethical Supply Chains” by SEDEX (Supply Ethical Data EXchange) with whom we are registered. read more read more….

Hence, we expect the same from those with whom we work and expect that our suppliers operate with similar values. Together with our business partners we will adhere to the basic requirements described below and ensure awareness of all applicable laws and regulations affecting related matters.

Human Rights and Employment Practices

We shall:

  • Not utilise forced, bonded, involuntary prison or indentured labour.
  • Not use any slave labour or permit human trafficking in its supply chain.
  • Not utilise child labour and will comply with all applicable minimum age employment laws and regulations.
  • Comply with all applicable minimum wage laws and regulations to include overtime wages and timely payment of wages.
  • Ensure that work schedules, maximum hours/workweeks, and overtime policies are consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Provide a workplace free of abuse, harassment, and unlawful discrimination.
  • Recognize the rights of employees to freely associate, organize and collectively bargain in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Provide a safe, clean, and healthy workplace and will seek to prevent workplace injuries through communication of known hazards, proper training and workplace safety programs.
  • Fully comply with labour and immigration laws of the host country with regards to employment of foreign or migrant workers.
  • Ensure that foreign employee accommodation comply with all applicable laws and regulations for hygiene and safety.

Protection of the Environment

We shall:

  • Control and treat wastewater and solid waste generated from operations as required by all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Control and treat air emissions generated by operations as required by all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Seek to conserve natural resources and make efforts to measure and reduce energy usage, water usage, wastewater and solid waste generation associated with our operations.

Business Conduct and Ethics

  • We shall not accept illegal payments, engage in corruption or bribery and will comply with anti-corruption regulations and best practices.

Food Safety

  • We will supply ingredients, materials and finished products that are safe for human consumption, unadulterated and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations (which shall include the laws of the country of final importation and marketing).

Compliance and Consequences of Non Compliance

Failure to comply with any aspect of this Code of Conduct must trigger immediate implementation of corrective actions.

MDM reserves the right to put on hold or terminate its relationship with business partners that are unable to demonstrate compliance with this Code of Conduct, and applicable laws and regulations.